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Avant hier je me suis inscrite à un groupe de parents qui ont adoptés des enfants à l'orphelinat de Shanghai!
J'ai donc pu voir des photos de là où est notre fille!!! c'était très très émouvant!

Le Children Welfare institute existe depuis 1956! l'année de naissance d'Alain! et a déménagé pour des batiments neufs en 2001...Donc nos enfants sont dans un batiment tout neuf, avec des dessins aux murs...des jouets! des peluches! des tricycles! ils font de la peinture, écoutent de la musique etc...
Je suis un peu rassurée...et de voir où est ma fille en ce moment me permet de l'imaginer encore plus!

Shanghai Children¡¯s Welfare Institute

Shanghai Children¡¯s Welfare Institute is a Charitable Social Welfare Institution responsible for caring for children with disabilities and deformities, and also provides family care services. Its predecessor was a Baby Care Center established by Catholic Church Union in 1911, it later changed its name to Shanghai Children¡¯s Welfare Institute in 1956. In October 2001, Shanghai Children¡¯s Welfare Institute moved to its current location in Minheng District.

The total area of the institute is 72,000 square meter, consists of 60% greenery, actual area usage is 26150 square meters. The overall designs of the new institute focus on the importance of serving children as their first and foremost priority. It is fully equipped to provide children with daily needs, education, health care, rehab, and recreation facilities. In order to ensure continuous development, we also work hard in our management control, night time management, employing and expanding employee training to continuously improve standard. At the same time, through communications with foreign organizations, it has opened up cooperation between China and other countries as well as program development and foreign development, which will help to promote a smooth system for process and procedures.

For a long time, under the care from municipal council, government officials, and support from our community and through the hard work from our staff, Shanghai Children¡¯s Welfare Institute is relentlessly developing in order to better protect the rights and interests of children. It has been highly appraised internationally, and fully materialized Shanghai¡¯s world class city and in the progress of children welfare¡¯s development standards.

Shangahi Children¡¯s Welfare Institute has long been the center of attention for government and community. High officials from Shanghai will personally come to visit during important festivals such as ¡°Children¡¯s Day¡±, ¡°Christmas¡±, ¡°New Year¡¯s¡± etc. In recent years, Shanghai municipal council, and government took an active role in paying attention to the development of orphaned and disabled children welfare unit. Not only did the government expand funding and building new facilities, it also helped carry out policy making strategies, in hopes of improving Child Welfare system, as a result, it will help these children in creating a safe and healthy environment, and receive the best protection possible in their growth and development.

According to the International Child Welfare creed, ¡°the best family welfare is the best child well-being¡±. Helping children to find a long lasting and loving home is our ultimate goal. Shanghai Children¡¯s Welfare Institute follows ¡°Adoption Law of the People¡¯s Republic of China¡± in processing domestic and overseas adoption. In pace with liberation and opening of China, the number of children placed overseas has greatly increased in the 90s. In the last few years, under exceptional care from staff, and precise and expert medical assessment and treatment, children¡¯s health and well-being has shown great improvement, as a result, the scope of adoption and foster care expanded, which allowed the number and quality of adopted children to steadily increase. Since 2000, within this four year span, there are nearly 300 children placed for overseas adoption. This is the total number of overseas adoption of the previous decade. For a long period of time, this area of adoption has been highly appraised by CCAA and various Overseas Adoption Agencies.

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